Limited Editions & Sculptures

We are very proud of our Impossimal collections, so proud in fact that all our Impossimal, Lost Impossimal and Lost Alice collections are imagined and hand-made entirely at Impossimal HQ; a bespoke studio here in the UK personally by us both as we believe that it’s the only way to put all the love, care and attention to detail into each an every piece we create.

You will find that occasionally we do indeed make available parts of our Impossimal collections for purchase and selected galleries will have access to original artwork, oil sketches, pencil work and sometimes rare Impossimal maquettes - small hand made to scale clay sculptures that form the basis of Impossimal paintings.


Every year we select between six and ten Impossimal paintings that are then reproduced as limited editions; a high quality reproduction on archival paper that are titled, signed and numbered by ourselves and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that strictly adheres to the Fine Art Trade Guilds code of conduct regarding limited edition artwork. Normally the editions are between 95-250 worldwide, you will find the number on each edition often in the form of xx/150 etc.

Occasionally edition sizes will be lower, these are often called Boutique editions and offer a more collectable appeal because of their low numbers of availability.


Impossimal sculptures are also limited in number, each one generally forms a unique edition of just 150 worldwide and they have traditionally been made over the years from several maquette designs which then go to form a main ‘master’ created at Impossimal HQ that is signed, cast and replicated as accurately as possible in cold cast resin. The sculptures are then hand painted in the UK and overseas studios according to complexity under the guidance and control of us both until we are happy with the final edition.


We work closely with our partnership galleries to bring you the best gallery experiences we can when looking for Impossimals for your home be it in the gallery or online and we pride ourselves to be working with some of the best providers of Impossimal service around. Each gallery will have an extensive knowledge of the Impossimals as well as access to various rare items according to the latest releases.

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