Whisky Business
Four Fox Sake
Let The Party Be Gin
The Colour Of Love
Feeling Gintastic
For Those About To Rock
Snow Place Like Home
You're Screwballed!
One Size Sits All
A Forever Love
All My Love
Love From Me To You
Love Me Do
You're The Biscuit To My Tea
When It's Scone, It's Scone!
You Bake Me Love You
The Heartful Dodgers
Bake Off
Family Pack
Let Them Eat Cake
No Soggy Bottoms
Rolling Scones
You're My Cup Of Tea
Wine Club
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
Donut Worry, Be Happy
You Are Fab!
Your Love Lifts Me Higher
A Balanced Diet
Go Big Or Go Home
We All Scream For Icecream!
This Is How We Roll
It's Love
What A Load Of Balls
Our House
Four In A Bed
Rub-A-Dub Tub
99 Problems
Super Scooper
Like A Boss
Meet The Family
From The Moment We Met
Where Our Love Grows
It Must Be Love
Happy Ever After
The Lovers
Home Comforts
One At A Time Please
Forever Together
Dogs Look Up, Cats Look Down
Love Seat
The Best Things In Life Are Free
I Need Some Bunny To Love
Donut Touch
Sweet Hearts
Under New Management
Thumpers In Jumpers
The Family
The Snuggler
Still Naughty
All You Need Is Love
I Eat Cake
Born To Be Wild
Guess How Much I Love You
No Place Like Home
Forget Me Not
Hold Me Close
Baby On Board
Opposites Attract
Icing With Death
Forever Family
You're Beautiful
Pillow Talk
Bad Boys
Some Bunny Loves You
Sweet Talk
Sofa Loafers
Hug Me
Cuddle Me
Together We Make A Family
For The One I Love
Party Animals
I Like Shopping & Shopping Likes Me
I've Been Very, Very Naughty
Love Shack
Be Mine
Love Actually
*May Contain Nuts
Do You Come Here Often
Meet The Lubbas
How Deep Is Your Love
Pick Me
All Roads Lead To You
In Your Arms
Hiding My Love
The Naughty Step
It's The Little Things
Summer Loving
Am I Bothered?
My Feet Hurt
Make A Wish
Me And Mum
Forever By Your Side
We Are The Boys
When Boy Meets Girl
Naughty But Nice
The Moon And Back
Bunny My Honey
Are We There Yet?
Always And Forever
That Old Devil Called Love
You're Beautiful
Scenes Of Mild Peril
Shall We Dance?
We Are Family
Tails Of The Unexpected
When Two Hearts Beat As One
The Biggest Fan
Spirit Of '66
I Never Touched Him
Heading For Glory
You'll Never Walk Alone
Catch A Falling Heart
Lubba In Love
The Crying Game
I'll Get My Coat
The Kiss
Pile High Club
Romper Room
A Fools Moon
I Love You
With All My Heart
The Management
So It's Not Fancy Dress Then?
Meet The Firm
Mr Lubba Lubba
Tall Paul
Love Avalanche
Love Is All Around
Can I Have My Ball Back?
Is That It?
Love Boat
Tunnel Of Love

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Created in 2003 and released for the first time in 2005’s collection ‘The Art Of Surprise’  the striped, rotund, bolster nosed Impossimals have gone from strength to strength becoming one of the most recognisable and collected style of limited edition art and sculpture found in the UK today. Their distinctive quirky look and off the wall humour coupled with unusual titles has also given them a huge and popular worldwide fan base with new editions to the Impossimal ranges selling out in record times.

Encompassing art, sculpture and collectable's all created by Peter & Jayne Smith the Impossimals can be found in many forms and in many places. Expect to find Impossimals in many wonderful locations including Impossimal partnership galleries, Michelin starred restaurants, top boutique hotels and even downtown in Disneyworld, Florida.

Browse through the entire history of Impossimal limited editions to discover both new and old Impossimals from the  ever expanding Impossimal world. Click any Impossimal for a larger, framed view.

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