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“You may have never heard of an Impossimal or ever seen an Impossimal, you might collect Impossimals, or you might have ended here by accident but no matter how you arrived this is our little bit of history.

It’s a very simple history, two people wishing to retain forever something rather special; the imaginative wonderment and limitless creativity we all experienced as a child. The Impossimals in all their many forms are just this captured with a special heart and a keen eye returning something that we thought we lost as we grew older.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Impossimals are simple creations though; from the nostalgic escapism of the Lost Impossimals and their wonderfully preposterous stories to a continuing of a children’s classic through a divided Wonderland with Lost Alice the boundaries and imagination are limitless. Or if you prefer the calming comfort of family, romance and love then the pure Impossimals in their many forms are just for you.

Complex, comforting and humorous, puzzling, perplexing and entertaining, each Impossimal, Lost Impossimal and Lost Alice creation has it’s own story to tell. It doesn't matter if you are young or old,  from what path through life you take, if you like art or how or where you hang your art, somewhere, someplace there’s an Impossimal waiting just for you.

So settle back and explore the website, enjoy the gallery and feel free to pin them on Pinterest, post them on Facebook or tweet them on Twitter.”

Since their creation in 2002 the Impossimals have gone from strength to strength and can be found in art collections worldwide in the form of original oils, limited editions and sculpture available from selected Impossimal partnership galleries, a full list of which you can find on this website.

For a sample of Impossimal humour and style have a quick look HERE at one galleries take on the latest collection - Screwballed!

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2016 - 10 Downing Street
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2015 - Michelin Star Impossimal Night at The Pipe & Glass
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2015 - Knickerbockergloria
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Peter & Jayne have personally attended more than 350 Impossimal events including gallery exhibitions, major collection launches, Michelin star Impossimal themed nights and Impossimal street sculpture unveilings sharing time with the tens of thousands of Impossimal fans and collectors both far and wide.

In 2011 Work began on the latest creation in partnership with Suppertime Entertainment Los Angeles and Spider Eye animation, a 26 episode live action and animation series based on the images and stories of the Lost Impossimals, an ongoing project.

Peter & Jayne currently create everything  at Impossimal HQ; a purpose built studio tucked away in a little bit of countryside next to the sea where they are working on their next Impossimally unique collections.

2010 - London Elephant Parade
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2014 - UK Childrens Fine Art Competition Guest Judges along with Kerry Darlington
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Assorted Events

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Find Peter & Jayne at many events throughout the year, full details can be found on this website or alternatively drop us an email below.

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